Urges to drink

Hi Brooke,
My September goal is to give up drinking (and F and S) for 30 days.
I am on day 11 of no drinking. I have had urges and I noticed the thoughts at the time. “You can have just one glass of wine”, “It has been a crazy week so you deserve it”. etc etc so while these thoughts were running through my head, the Prefrontal Cortex thoughts were there too (thanks to my scs work). They said… “you are going to regret this tomorrow”, and asking myself, “can you honestly say that when you wake up tomorrow morning , even if you actually succeed in having only one glass, will there be any benefit? Name one.
So with the presence of these “prefrontal cortex thoughts”. I did not order the chardonnay from the waiter and just did my best to enjoy the dinner. For the first time in my life.
I have always either drank it or white knuckled it. This felt different.
Does this experience mean that I allowed the urge rather than resist? It seemed all in my head with the voices going back and forth.
Is this how it went for you when you were giving up Chardonnay?
Thanks for all you do!