Useful thoughts about challenging emotions

I have been practicing feeling my emotions and allowing them when I feel urges to eat off protocol.

Today I felt grief come up when I didn’t eat in response to an urge.
I allowed the sadness to just be and used the practice of describing it in my body and feeling it in my body.

Afterwards I tried to recognize the unintentional thoughts I was having:
I don’t want to feel bad feelings
I don’t want to feel sad
I hate that all I ever feel is sad
Life is always terrible
It’s not fair that I have to feel sad

I did a thought download and then tried out some intentional thoughts about my emotions:
Life brings a range of emotions
I am enough to feel my emotions
Life is often wonderful
Sometimes I feel sad and sometimes I don’t

None of these really resonate but maybe they are part of the river of misery?
Could you help me with finding some other intentional thoughts that might be closer to getting me a place of not fighting the emotions I feel?