Using fasting as an excuse to overeat.

Im a beliver of fasting! I am facinated by all the benifits it has for the body as a whole.

What ive noticed for me though, is I have turned it into an excuse to overeat. The same thing i have done with exercise. When i have done a full 16hour fast I still find myslef eating way past my feeling of fullness.

Im really health concious so what im overeat is rarely something like gluten, or sugar.. its more like quinoa, cauliflower rice, almond or peanut butter, gluten free bread with honey etc…

I really only have 10lbs to lose. I already have a healthy amount of exercise in my routine becuase im a yoga teacher. Do you think I should still fast in the mornings but just be very aware of my thoughts and feelings when it comes to that first meal?? Maybe seeing what it feels like to stop when im full and be ok with stopping?

Eating food is definetly a buffer for me. I use it feel better. I want to end this cycle Brooke!

Thank you!