Using the Model for food-related desires

Hi Brooke. I have watched the Model overview video and the entire Weight Loss series. I have been trying to apply what I have learned to my situation. I would like to lose about 25 pounds (I am at roughly 165 now). I have just started the process and am just beginning to remove sugar & flour from my diet. I have found myself desiring sweet treats daily since I started. My thoughts have been simply about how good the food would taste and how much I want to eat it. For example, I was driving by a 7-11 today and had the thought that I really wanted to stop and purchase a cream-filled donut. I have had them frequently in the past and they are delicious. Once I had the thought, I tried to apply the Model and work through it. I really could not come up with a circumstance that led to the thought. I wasn’t bored, angry, sad, lonely, anxious or feeling any other emotion that would lead me to want to seek out food for relief. I just simply wanted the donut because I thought it would taste good. I told myself that I would feel bad physically after eating the donut (as I have experienced in the past) and wound feel much better if I waited until I was hungry and ate something with more nutritional value. I’m wondering if that was the right way to approach it. Is there usually something deeper behind desires like that? Is it possible that I am not looking deeply enough at my circumstances and thoughts? Do you have any advice for on how I can handle situations like this?