Using Model

I notice a lot my thoughts starts from: I don’t know…

– I don’t know if people are even going to pay me.
– I don’t think I am worth that much money.
– I don’t know if I can even find clients.
– I just don’t know if it can even happen.

I think I heard in one of Brooke’s podcast to not use “I don’t know”. Does that concept apply in this case too? If yes, then my thought would be:
-People won’t pay me
-I am not worth that much money.
-I can’t find clients.
-I can’t make this happen.

Is that true? But I also somehow tend to believe:
-People will pay me.
-I can find clients.
-I can make this happen when I take steps everyday.

I tend to believe both of those thoughts. So what do I do?