Using SCS during a down time.

Hi, been in scholars 6 months now, plan to stay in. However, I had a thing happen on Feb 7th that knocked me on my ass. My SCS booklet is empty after that because all my energy is going to getting out of bed in the morning. Following through on old dreams is the farthest thing from my mind right now. I’ve worked on this thing that happened, and I am choosing to just feel the pain and accept the sadness. My experience with this thing, because it’s come up before, is that this will last 2-3 months and then I will be able to pick my life back up. What is your opinion on how to use Scholars during that time? The coaching obviously is wonderful, and I really look forward to that. But the monthly stuff seems like it’s more suited to people who are in go-getter mode. I’m in barely-staying-afloat mode, lol. Thank you. (And this is not about quitting or not. I’m not quitting Scholars.)