Using SCS to work through anxiety about upcoming training.

Hi Brooke,
As I gear up to attend the August coach certification training (yay!), it just occurred to me that for me, this is like embarking on a vast, exciting and ever-evolving career to help people….like Medical School! I have been ruminating and obsessing over my “niche” and whether I will choose the entrepreneur or employee route, and even whether I’ll be a good enough coach, and the analogy of Medical School just popped into my head. Like a med student who doesn’t know if she wants to specialize in dermatology or surgery, I don’t have to know what my “specialty” will be, that’s what my coach training will expose me to…a wide variety of people with diverse and interesting problems to coach them on! And like that med student, who doesn’t yet know if she wants to establish her own practice, or work in a clinic, hospital or emergency room, I don’t have to know if I want to be an entrepreneur or become a valuable contributor to a world-class coaching organization (I happen to know of one! 🙂 And like that scared and nervous med student who sometimes wonders if she’ll cut it as a doctor, I’m bringing my fear and nervousness with me to training, with the occasional doubt as to whether I can master all skills to be a great coach running around in my brain, but SCS has taught me that those are only thoughts! And now I have the model to show me that I have my own back, and I can take care of myself and support myself no matter what -all possible thanks to you and Self Coaching Scholars!

So no question, just wanted to share that little analogy that popped into my brain, and has allowed me to retrain my thoughts to relax, have fun, learn all I can to be the best coach I can be, and trust that the “how” will come as it all unfolds. Can’t wait!