Using the model

When writing out the model, do we only focus on the actual situation that occurred? Or, do we also re-write the model to show how we could have handled the situation differently?

Here’s an example I am working on today. I wasn’t sure if the next step was to write out a different thought to rewire my brain.

1. C – Larry’s mom fell and bruised her tailbone
2. T – At first, it was oh glad she didn’t break anything but quickly shifted to she is just trying to now get something out of it when she said she was going to hire an attorney. Then, my thought shifted to she won’t follow through on that; she wants to complain.
3. F – Annoyance, anger, frustration
4. A – At first, I asked my husband what she was talking about and clarified that she said she was hiring an attorney because she slipped and fell. Then I was quiet because I realized if I kept talking, it would not be positive.
5. R – I didn’t respond most sensitively but kept the conversation from escalating.