Using the model against myself

I’m really stuck in trying to understand this. I’m using the model against myself again.

I feel like I can only create the results I want from certain emotions (my brain is hooked on confidence). I am seeing that ‘positive’ emotions do not necessarily equal ‘positive’ results (e.g. focus doesn’t always feel positive, but it can lead you to finishing a project). The model just shows us what we create; even feelings are neutral before we name them positive or negative.

But I get freaked out when I go to do something (e.g. write an email) and notice I’ve been coming at it from a certain thought and feeling. I’m subconsciously afraid that being aware is not enough, I need to completely get rid of it entirely. I feel the NEED to 100% feel the emotion I want to feel or else I won’t create the result (because if I feel doubt, I’ll create from doubt).

Can you please tell me how that last paragraph isn’t true?

Is it enough to just be aware of current thoughts and feelings? Do I have to shift out of it always?

Do I need to feel a feeling fully to be able to create from it?

My brain wants to be so technical about this, it wants to be EXACT, and it’s stalling me, but I can’t move past it.

Here’s what I think, but please help me here: Is it that we do feel 50% uncomfortable emotions. When we’re aware of them and we don’t let them drive, we can stop ourselves from creating the results they would create if we operated from them. We don’t have to be rid of doubt or fear or despair etc., but they don’t drive. We allow them, and choose again. Sometimes choosing again looks like choosing commitment, or neutrality, or another emotion that doesn’t necessarily feel huge and powerful. We don’t have to feel a desired feeling 100% either to create results we want.

Can you help me make sense of this?