Using the model against yourself

I was watching Rachel’s call on Buffering and she talked about using the model against yourself – basically when you try to use the model to change the way you feel.

When I first started working with the model, I definitely thought this was “the whole point”. I feel shitty, so let’s fix it.

Now I see that it is not…mostly.

I understand that the idea is that no emotion is good or bad, we don’t have to “fix” or change any emotion, so using the model in that way is fueled by thoughts of judgment and thought like “this emotion is too much”.

So….I guess my question is, how do emotions change? I understand that I can drop the judgment around the emotion. But, does it just stay there forever? For example, what if the emotion is anxiety. This anxiety is preventing me from taking action toward my goal of putting more posts on social media to get clients. The result is that I don’t have any clients. I understand that okay cool, I don’t have to judge the anxiety, I can let it be there. However, the truth (seems to be) that the emotion of anxiety is preventing me from taking action. But I WANT to take action. At what point do I try to “change the feeling”? Or, does the feeling change on it’s own? Or, do I take action in spite of the feeling? Just curious how this plays out.