Using the model for making decisions

I’m struggling with making a decision between moving to Orange County, CA or the East coast. I am not sure if using a model will help me. I have many different thoughts, but the main one is “We will become spoiled if we move to OC.” If I had to make a model, this is what it would look like:

C = decide where to move between OC and East coast
T = we will become spoiled if we move to OC
F = worried
A = obsess about decision; talk to husband and parents about it; go back and forth; not make a decision
R = reinforcing my thought (?) stay stuck (?)

The problem with this model is that the result is not impactful for me. So what if I’m reinforcing my thought? And, obviously I am still stuck. I feel like this model gets me no where closer to making my decision.

My question is: are models always useful for making decisions? I don’t think mine is.

How can I make best use of models to make decisions?

Also, if a model is not useful, then what is? How can I get closer to making a decision? Any useful questions that I can ask myself? Thank you.