Using the model (SB)

I am a coach and psychotherapist. I got my certification through a different life coaching school before I had heard about LCS. I’ve been in scholars for nearly two years. Through my psychotherapy practice I teach cognitive behavioural theory and rational emotive behavioural therapy, both are basically the same thing as The Model. I’ve studied Byron Katie’s work long before I discovered LCS and The Model. The coaching school I went to called the model something different (breakthrough laser coaching technique) but it was the same thing.

I’m taking my coaching and therapy business more public and want to make videos and do podcasts and post on Instagram to help educate my market. I have a thought that says, though, that I can’t teach the model unless I have a certification through LCS, which just doesn’t make sense to me since I already have a life coaching certificate and I’m a licensed therapist. But I have a feeling like I’m “betraying” Brooke or something, since the way she discusses these concepts has helped me a lot. I feel like this belief is holding me back from going all in on what I want to do with my business.

C: Desire to make podcast for my coaching / therapy business
T: I have to be certified through LCS to teach the model
F: Constricted
A: I consider getting certified, I go back and forth in my head about certification, I tell myself to just start and then I don’t, I buffer in confusion and uncertainty
R: I don’t teach the model and I don’t get certified. I don’t make a podcast for my coaching / therapy business.

C: Desire to make podcast for my coaching / therapy business
T: I’m betraying Brooke if I teach the model without being certified
F: Disingenuous
A: I take no action, I waffle around in indecision
R: I betray myself by taking no action toward my goals

I guess ultimately I want to believe that I am not betraying Brooke or the LCS by teaching the model without having gone through LCS certification. It’s like, I want permission to do it. I don’t even just want permission, I want support. I know that’s weird.

C: Desire to make podcast for my coaching / therapy business
T: Brooke and LCS support me in teaching the model with my current level of credentials
F: Supported / confident
A: Make podcast
R: I support myself in achieving my goals with my current level of credentials

I can see what I really want here is a support system. Truth be told, I’m very qualified to teach CBT, REBT, the Work of Byron Katie. I’m trauma informed and somatically trained (ie; feel your damn feelings!). I don’t need another certification to teach me how to do this work, but I want badly a community of supportive people, it’s like, I want into the exclusive LCS club of coaches. That’s truly what it is that I want.

I’m not exactly sure what to do with that info. But I feel like if I had a group of LCS coaches that I was a PART OF, that I would feel connected, supported, and kind of like, ‘held’ for lack of a better term. That’s really what I’m craving here. Is the answer to give that to myself, instead of turning to yet ANOTHER certification to do that for me? I can see how I’m outsourcing my feelings of supportedness to a certification when, in fact, I’ve literally already done this several times already and the external feelings of support have been fleeting.

Very open to any insight on this – thank you!!