Using the model the create everything you want

Hi Brooke,
I heard you say once that your goal is to be an example of what’s possible and to show how using the model is the key to get everything you want.

I’m curious how you would explain how you use the model every day in that capacity.

I use the model before (and often during) every work session I have planned. I start by filling out the F line for my current model and then comparing that R with the R of my Intended model (the one that would have to exist in order for me to accomplish my specific Do Goal at that time). If the R’s do not match, I work on my thoughts until I am aligned with my Intended model and then I get to work!

Is that the process you use? The model is EVERYTHING and I just want to make sure I’m squeezing out every drop of its goodness!

Thanks Brooke!