Using this work on body image and comparing self to my younger body.

I really want to use this work to detach from beliefs about my body.

There’s a lot about my body that I do not like. I believe my body represents my mental state and if I am overweight with poor complexion, that means I have been overeating and over drinking to numb out.

I notice my suffering comes from what I think other peoples thoughts are about me.

I don’t seem to mind if I am meeting someone for the first time. If I saw someone from a few years ago when I was ‘thinner and more stylish’, this would be painful. I would be thinking they would be comparing my appearance now to my appearance than and judging me, and believing I have ‘let myself go’ and must ‘not be in a good place’.

C: see X on the street
T: she must be thinking I have let myself go because I have put on weight
F: shame
A: do not engage fully in the conversation, wish I had not put on weight, imagine all the things she will be thinking about me, imagine all the things she will tell other people that we mutually know later, imagine how effortless her life must be, wish I looked like her, ignore the ‘progress’ I have madden regard to mental health and self-care, ignore the commitment I am making to my development through coaching
R: I think I am not good enough.

(Is this a good R?)

I know we cannot control other people and she gets to think what she likes about me. I know this is about how I feel about myself.

I am familiar with IM’s and bridge thoughts. Can you advise me on how I can take my thought work deeper with learning to accept or love my body and – crucially – stop comparing it unfavourably to the body of my younger self?

Thank you