Using TW against myself?

Hey there!

I’m planning to quit my job. Sometimes when I have a hard time with a colleague at work I’ll think that I shouldn’t quit because I need to learn to deal with these kinds of situations now, and I’ll just take myself and these kinds of situations everywhere I go if I don’t continue working here and resolve it first.

But I think maybe I’m being too harsh on myself. Yeh, I’ll learn to deal with this sort of thing elsewhere, and I could deal with it here, but that’s not a reason not to quit. Also, all kinds of things will continue to come up at my current job (life is 50/50) and I won’t ever be “perfect” in dealing with everything, or perfect in the sense that I no longer have anything to deal with. So whether or not I’m dealing with something or not has nothing to do with whether I should quit. Whether I have an issue I’m dealing with or not doesn’t tell me whether I’ve done enough thought work to quit happy. Because I’m pretty good at feeling good at work most of the time, I just don’t want to do that type of work anymore, I want to do something different.

What would you say?