Using urge jar for MHO

I’ve heard Brook talk about the concept of the urge jar in relation to weight loss, but I wanted to apply it to Monday Hour One. I’ve done the work of doing a thought download, analyzing/having compassion for those thoughts, processing emotion, and writing unintentional/intentional models when I choose not to follow what’s scheduled on my calendar.

But even with the awareness, allowing, and intentional models, I’m not doing the A-line actions of what’s on my schedule, such as sitting down to write an article, or getting started on it if I’m already at the computer. Instead I’m still going for more rewarding activities like scrolling through social media, surfing the internet, sometimes snacking, or even going through scholars materials.

I think the urge jar may be helpful, but how do I use it for this? Do I recognize the urge to do something other than what’s on my calendar, tell myself I’ll work on it for the next 10 minutes, and put a stone in the jar if I follow through? What if at the end of the 10 minutes, I still find myself not wanting to continue? Do I just repeat? And what if at the end of 20 minutes I’m still not wanting to continue? Still keep going with the process? How do I keep moving forward?