Using Urge Jar for Mind Management

So, I’m deciding what to use my super-cute Urge Jar for and weighing my options. I know Brooke would say to just pick one, so I’ve decided every time I have a mismanaged, negative thought (and I still can’t believe how many of those I have!) instead of running with those thoughts, which I’m inclined to do, I am going to make a concentrated effort to find the good in whatever negative thought I’m currently entertaining. When I can believably change a negative into a positive, I get a bead. I was going to do it on combating anxious thoughts, but I figured I can incorporate that into negative thoughts as well, since anxious thoughts are definitely not positive! All of this negativity is just so exhausting and I really want to work on it.
Does that sound like a good use of the Urge Jar?
Thank you:)