Using urges to get to know myself better

Hello coaches,

Thank you for the amazing work that you do here in the Ask A Coach section. I’m so thankful for the input.

I’m working on my model and wondered if you could give me some feedback. I’m trying to relate my current buffering challenge to a past challenge that I overcame. I was very claustrophobic and did cognitive behavioral therapy, CBT, which required me to intentionally put myself in situations where I felt claustrophobic. I had to stay in the situation, not flee, and feel the feelings. It was really hard work but it totally worked and even now, when I feel myself slipping a little, I “work out” those mental muscles by spending some time in an enclosed space and getting comfortable with the uncomfortable feelings.

Can you please check my IM and let me know if it’s nice and clean? I’m wanting to make sure that I am not being judgmental with the “I am strong” thinking. Thanks!

C: I experience uncomfortable feelings
T: I know I said I wouldn’t snack but I feel bad and I want the feelings to go away and I don’t care about the consequences of eating
F: resigned
A: get it over with – eat the sugar, eat the wheat
R: night sweats that wake me up, give me a bad sleep and make the day difficult due to sleep shortage (FYI, wheat and sugar seem to be correlated to my menopausal night sweats)

C: I experience uncomfortable feelings
T: Tell myself – remember how I did CBT for claustrophobia? I felt feelings but I stayed in the moment and they passed. So will these feelings, they are normal, they will pass and I am strong and able to do this work.
F: committed, curious and non-judgmental
A: when the feelings come, make myself busy with something else, not eating.
I’m going to journal and get curious about my thoughts in that moment.
R: I get to know myself better, I learn to be comfortable with the feelings and I’m well-rested