Using your PFC

Hi Brooke

I’m trying to stop bingeing and I haven’t been able to so far and I have thoughts I can’t do it now as I’ve tried for nearly a year now. I did private one to one coaching and I still didn’t stop so now I feel like it’s not possible for me. I started to feel a lot of shame as well as I know I’m the one choosing to overeat and sometimes now I do find myself consciously choosing to overeat as I want to buffer and I have given food the role of making me feel good when I don’t feel good – I know I need to learn how to feel my feelings and accept life is 50:50 but I struggle with these concepts. I beat myself up when I do binge or go off plan then I end up overeating again and repeat this cycle often. I feel like I don’t move forward anymore and it’s draining me mentally as I’ve been doing this for months now.

I heard your over drinking videos and I started to believe a bit again that the PFC can overcome my primitive brain but I wanted to ask for your help or advice as I’ve gained a lot of awareness of the problems but I don’t know where to start now to stop this habit