I was evicted. I was in a situation where I couldn’t take care of myself because I didn’t even know what was happening to me so how could I even know how to navigate it?

There are two things:
1. It reminds me of childhood abuse when I was a child. How could I know how to get myself out of it and where would I go as a kid?
2. I feel all this blame inside and that’s not going to empower me.

I want to work with these things to try to clean up my brain around them.
I can put blame in the Feeling line and do a thought download.
Can you guide me on how to work with this blame because it’s ok if no one is to blame, and I feel able to release that really easily. What do I think about these situations where other people made promises and said I was protected when I was the opposite?

I’ve done a ton of thought downloads and models on it, but this is a newer clarity coming through and guidance on getting deeper is appreciated.