We booked a trip to Mexico for December many months ago. Because of the pandemic, we are still undecided whether we should cancel the trip or take our chances and go. My husband wants to go as there are many safety measures and requirements on the plains and the resort.

I have been resisting to commit to the trip. When I analyze why I do not want to travel, I understand that I am more afraid of my mother’s criticism of my “ reckless behavior “ than contracting COVID and getting sick. It is easier for me to cancel the trip than to deal with my mother’s reaction. Of note, my Mom lives in a different country, and there are no concerns that I would be a danger to her.

I have tried to coach myself that “ I am not responsible for my Mom’s emotions and happiness” and that ‘ she could be upset, and I do not have to be.” Unfortunately, these thoughts do not help me be at peace, telling her about my trip. Please help to clear my thinking around this situation.