Vacation Eating

So I was so good on my protocol

I became a person who doesn’t eat flour and sugar

It was amazing blew my own mind and my family too (no one would believe I could do that)

I have been on vacation I’m eating everything. I mostly avoided flour but I had dessert every night and a chocolate muffin today it was really good.

I told myself I wouldn’t eat sugar then I did every night

I feel like what if I just forgot what I learned from doing the overeating course and Im afraid what if I can’t get back to a good protocol.

I feel like the slippery guidelines blurred the restrictions I once was honoring

I’m nervous I can’t get back to the strictness I had.

Also I felt like I handled my food and then i had I’m on to my biz.

That’s most important

I feel like I’m not really excelling at either 🙁