Vacation thoughts

I’m on a two week vacation to meet family. I ended up overworking a bit before this vacation so my brain tells me I need a good break. It also tells me I need to get a head start on my presentation that’s coming up immediately after I get back to work. It was part of my plan to work a few hours on this presentation during vacation so I can have it at a good shape to do final touches when I return. But my brain is so reluctant to sit and work on it. My thoughts are (so conflicting)
It’s been three days, You haven’t started on the presentation yet
It’s vacation and you still want to work

My model
c vacation
T you haven’t made any progress on the presentation
F —- ( I’m not sure what feeling this thought generates, but it is something that’s uncomfortable)
A buffer. Avoid the thought. Push it away. Say it’s not there . Tell myself I’m jet lagged. Notice the nagging thought still being there and get frustrated
R I continue to not make any progress

I want to help my future self but at the same time let the present self get all the pleasures because the past self worked hard. How would you approach this ?