Vacation Time

Hi Brooke and coaching team!

I recently left a job and will not start my new position until the end of April. I have some “smaller” work goals to prep for the new position, which include reading a few leadership books and taking one course. I also have a weight loss goal, which was my Impossible Goal in December, and I am beyond my timeline already for being on track for meeting it. These are already on the calendar as they do not take up that much time and I have already planned for them.

So, my question is what goal should I identify for this month’s topic of Time Management? I am already creating a calendar and sticking to it for the above projects, and for most of this month (prior to doing SCS), I had originally intended to focus on savoring my “free” time before I start my new job, with long walks, going to lunch with friends. Should I create a mini-impossible goal around personal development, just stick to my projects above which I have already been doing, or focus my time management on having fun?