vacation with daughters

I am struggling with creating some models from a recent vacation with daughters.

C daughters said, this is terrible and you need to fix it
T I planned a vacation and all they can do is complain
F miserable
A try to accommodate but to no avail
Rfeel miserable on vacation

Im trying to come up with an intentional model. Thing is I’m not sure how I want to feel. I guess I could create a model where I’m less miserable and more neutral. But, am I right that I shouldn’t try to go to a good feeling model when the reality is I was dealing with a lot of negative emotion?

C daughters complaining (or saying xyzzy)
T I planned a nice trip to enjoy and its not my fault they aren’t having fun.
F meh
A listen to their concerns but don’t get defensive, make it mean anything about me or engage
R I can feel good about planning a trip