A Valentine’s Day Gone Forgotten, A Pancake Won Over A Bath

Yesterday was Valentine’s Day and my husband forgot to acknowledge it or do anything about it. In addition, he announced in the morning that he will not be home for dinner as he is going with a friend to the Knicks game.

I watched my brain all day and the thoughts kept flowing from:
I am sure flowers delivery will be here any moment.
To… Who says it’s HIS job to celebrate this day? Why can’t I do something for HIM?

Ultimately flowers delivery didn’t come and I didn’t do anything for him either.

And so I thought I could love myself that evening and take a nice essential oils bath and read a book.

Alas, when he left the house and kissed me goodbye, my brain suddenly said, ‘hey, I got a better plan than bath. Let’s order pancakes.’

And that’s what I did.
It did taste good but it definitely didn’t feel like an act of love.

It’s like I had the consciousness of what is happening but I wasn’t good at applying.