Facts: I am a Realtor. Negotiating a Real Estate Transaction. Second Transaction ever. Had many questions for Mentor. Mentor was at a Football game. Asked questions from Mentor all day. In the final two hours of negotiating Mentor Ghosts me and I don’t hear from her the rest of the day.

I was mad that she was not responding. I called another Realtor friend to help me with my questions. Everything turned out fine. However, I am now spinning in these thoughts:

She left me hanging.
She stopped talking to me when I needed her the most.
I don’t know if I did the contract right and she could have helped me with that.
Maybe I am too needy.
Maybe I was annoying her.
I will probably always need lots of help with every transaction.

C – Mentor stopped responding to my text messages
T – She was probably sick of me asking so many questions
F – Needy
A – send more text messages, call her, reach out to someone else for help, spin in wondering what I did wrong, consider myself not cut out to do this work, worry, feel bad about self
R – I am sick of myself asking so many questions and second guessing myself.

Just make a decision, have your own back and know you will deal with whatever comes of it win or lose/ right or wrong.
But I still want validation from her that she isn’t mad at me, thinks I did a good job, doesn’t think I was annoying.