Validation And Self Disclosure

Hi Brooke,

I’ve learned so much from you over the past year. I have worked with one of your trained coaches and she was awesome. An outcome of that has been the issue of validation. It seems I have spent my life looking for validation. One of the ways I do that is create programs, blogs, Facebook groups, meet-ups etc. My normal MO would be that I would start a blog about this process and blog all my personal stuff for the world, and/or get people to join me in the process. I’ve done this many (many) times. I still have people requesting to join a program I started last year that I gave up on months and months ago. I start full speed ahead and then slowly peter out, and start the new thing which excites me and gives me more energy. Laura, my coach, helped me see the crazy of all this and we boiled it down to a need for approval/validation. Of course, it is old childhood stuff that I have created beliefs about. I am working on stopping this and realize that the only person who can validate me is ME.

Starting this program with you and NOT telling the world, or blogging or talking about it with everyone I meet is going to me new. I want to keep this about me and the process private. However, the anxiety that is provoking is intense. Breaking this pattern is making me very uncomfortable. But I really want to do it. The old way didn’t work and getting approval from others was never enough. This time it has to be different. Any suggestions?