I have noticed that I seek external validation.
For example… I do CrossFit and we have a coach teaching the group how to do the movements correctly. I catch myself doing the movement and looking at the coach to get a nod or a “good job” response that I am doing correctly.
Knowing a bit how the brain works, the way you do one thing is how you do everything, I can see myself seeking for external validation in basically every area of my life. Some of the areas I have no negative outcome, like crossfit, because it’s quite nice to know I’m performing the exercise in the right way, and would love to be corrected by the coach so I don’t hurt myself.
However, when it comes to my business and personal life I can see some downside.
Being aware of that is been very good, but I still don’t understand why or what to do with it.
Why do we need validation from other? and also, what’s the upside for it?
I don’t know what to do with this awareness at the moment.
Help! 🙂