Values Circumstance

I’m wondering if I can put ‘activity against my values’ in the C line?

Does that work?

Maybe I’m trying to hide my notes in case my husband finds my models.

He does things like play computer games and magic card game. I think those are a waste of time and half of the time it doesn’t even sound like he is having fun because he is swearing and angry. Everything about it goes against my values of what I want to teach my kids and how I think adults should behave.

I understand he can do whatever he wants, and I let him, but I don’t agree with it. Sometimes I get angry about his decisions and that is what I am working on with my July homework.

I’m trying to change the story from feeling angry and I am having a hard time with the circumstance. Maybe I just put ‘gaming’ in the C line?

But this has happened with other things for me, and so I wondered about the values, but I guess that’s just me having manuals for others.

I think I figured this out.