Various models around one circamstance.

Hello coach,

This is what happened :
A client/friend of mine is participating in a mastermind. She sent me a message describing me how it was – I asked her – and she wrote : ” I am happy and confident about it”

T : I couldn’t offer her such an experience
F : sad
A : doubting my coaching skills, second guessing what I did with her, not responding to her message, not offering her some extra support, indulging in a sort of romantic victim mood.
R : I am creating a shitty experience for myself, and no experience for her.

C : message with words ” I am happy and confident about it”
T : her coach is better for her than I am
F : jealousy
A : spending time spying and criticizing the coach, comparing myself to her, frightening myself with this thought, not making offers to other people, not practicing coaching
R : I don’t create any opportunity to be a better coach

C : message with words ” I am happy and confident about it”
T : I really suck as a coach
F : self pity
A : having a pity party, wanting to run away from anything looking like coaching. Thinking that watching documentaries about mushrooms is an absolute priority.
R : Sucking at coaching myself.

I am judging myself for making such a drama about words that doesn’t necessary mean what I make them mean.
I want to be brave and smart and not think these unhelpful thoughts.
I want to be able to support my client and not be so focused on myself.

I guess grace is the solution.
Let’s do that.

Love, coach.