Very guilty

Hi Brooke!
I struggle for many years to lose weight, many ups and downs ..
Now I follow your programme and I see good results in my body and in my self confidence. I am greatful, thank you very much.

But, I have a difficult situation to face , the relationship with my  28 years old daughter.

C – My daughter
T – I made her feel insecure  about her body, because of my obesity ( she told me so !- maybe it is C ?).She is afraid of becoming  fat although she is slim, sometimes she feels she is becoming fat, she always is on a diet and goes almost everyday to the gym.
F – Very guilty
A – I dont have the courage to improve myself. Heartbroken.
R – I feel more guilty and I have poor results

C- My daughter
T- I face a very complex  situation.The best I can do is to improve myself.I learn to work hard in order to lose weight and feel more confidence, regardless …
F- Love my daughter and myself / unstoppable
A- I  apply the SCS programme to improve myself, I work hard
R- I become stronger to support myself and help effectively my daughter

Thank you from my heart