Very talkative boyfriend ;)

Hello Brooke and Team,

I’ve been in a relationship for over 4 months now and there is a weird argument that tends to repeat itself.

In essence, I get very frustrated because my bofriend calls me a lot and talks a lot about insignificant things preventing me from doing other things or enjoying my alone time.

I’ve tried to run a model but I’m stuck:

C: Phone conversation
T: Boring/ we should not be together
F: Angry/ disappointed
A: Get irritated/ try to stop the conversation / get in a fight
R: Broken relationship

Intentional model

C: Conversation
T: He just loves to talk
F: Relaxed
A: Listen until I want to do something else and tell him so from a place of love
R: we’re just fine together

I feel like I’m letting the manual decide instead of my heart …

Now supposing I’ve done the model correctly, how can I learn to tell him I want to do sth else than listen from a place of love? Oh, I guess I will just be in that place of love if I’m relaxed…

Am I getting this? Feels like typing the question already provided me with most of the answer.

Thanks for your help 🙂

Much love to all,