Vicarious trauma

Hi Brooke,
Thanks for your work. I wrote to you in February and told you my father was dying which he subsequently did. This work helped me so much to feel my feelings of grief and think on purpose how I wanted to think about his death. I put on repeat “he had a good life”, ” he’s no longer suffering” etc and this has really helped.
My problem is my older brother. There has about five incidents where he asks inappropriate questions to people which embarrass them and sometimes tarnish their reputations in front of their teenagers. When he’s asked to stop doing that he has a nuclear reaction totally out of proportion. He’s getting worse. The problem is I don’t want to witness these incidents any more than necessary and it’s obviously delicate because my mother loves him. I want to accept him and understand that he obviously has reasons for what he does but it’s hard to do this when your father has just died. I reached out to him a few years ago and he doesn’t do it to me so much but do I have to see him do it to others. What can I do please?