Victim mentality

I want to get out of the victim mentality over what happened to me in the past. The event that changed my life was the diagnosis of my son with developmental delay and Autism over 7 years ago. I had just finished my medical training and taken up a dream job but when I found out about his diagnosis I decided to quit medicine and direct my attention to him. And over the years he has made tremendous progress and while we still have our work cut out for us we are a beautiful and loving family and with a stable income, and he is loving school and has friends and living a good life. There are times when instead of focusing on all the positives I focus on the fact that I gave up my dream work right when I had achieved a goal that was really, really hard to achieve and I start spinning in those negative thoughts. The problem is I also start thinking about how other people see me as a victim and not the fighter that I am. (Maybe I see my self as a victim at times of dismay too. ) I love my family and the life I have but also grieve what could/should have been. I want to get out of that loop and work towards a future that I now desire but I feel this holds me back. I don’t want to carry this regret any more .

What should I try/think/tell myself ?