Victim Mindset

Is there anything in the study vault that specifically deals with getting out of a victim mindset? I’ve listened to the podcast on it and thought it was great but was wondering if there’s anything else I can dive into? My current model is:

C – I have experienced traumatic events and sexual violence in my past
T – These events happened years ago and my life is much better now. It could be amazing and yet I still feel like a victim and don’t know how to get out of that mindset
F – Self pity
A – Feeling the need to tell people about how bad my life’s been as a way to justify my behaviours (laziness, avoidance, buffering, not working)
R – Being stuck, wearing my victimhood like it’s a badge of strength, making “victim” a part of my identity

I also recognise that I might be judging myself harshly here as well, and making me a victim of myself. (See how I’m stuck in a loop here?)

Thank you!