I’ve been healing the victim for 2 years and this relationship I’m in provokes it.

I haven’t had what I’ve needed and wanted.
And my hard work and tireless work didn’t produce results in my life like money, a home, clothes, dental care etc.

So – I have a hard time believing in the good in life and that I’ll ever have these things.
And I get so angry because the person in the relationship had the exact opposite.

They have coaching, they have clothes, and money and don’t want for anything, their work actually gets results and payoff.

I’ve done 400 podcasts and guest appearances and people downloaded my last episode….

I just keep going but it gets to be where what do I do when things don’t change and they just get worse – now I’m living in my car.

I’m not going to just choose other thoughts – I need to heal what is underneath the thoughts…..
I’m hoping you might have insight and see what I don’t see?