VICTORY! PURGING SUCCESS- even social media!

In the past things I would accumulate things, but they would get purged in tsunamis throughout the year when I was in overwhelm. If I felt like my dresser, closet or garage was drowning in “stuff”, my goal was to free myself and my home. That meant that my purging came from feeling trapped and suffocated and I did it with urgent energy. In this war against “stuff”, I would sometimes go too far and impulsively release things I later regretted.

My closet purge this week was different. It came from a peaceful energy and my focus was on what to KEEP rather than what to give away. What a difference this opposite approach made!! I didn’t polarize between accumulation and purging. I found the middle ground of creating and identifying OPPORTUNITY! I adore looking in my closet and knowing that everything I see works for me NOW.

… during this process I also decided to purge FACEBOOK!!!!

I’m in contact with almost everyone I deeply care about via text and e-mail… or at least yearly Christmas cards. I have never liked falling down he FB rabbit hole (even if I enjoyed it while doing it, I felt depleted afterwards) and over the last few years I inconsistently checked FB and rarely posted. I felt guilt and embarrassment when I was late to see a posted milestone or birthday; the worst was finding out late, via FB, that someone had lost a loved one or was in the middle of a health crisis! I felt like a terrible friend/community member when I was reacting weeks or months after they posted!

As I considered keeping and releasing things this week, it became clear that I don’t like FB, it feels outdated and it doesn’t serve me. Last night I put a notice on my page announcing that I was shutting down my FB this Sunday night and asked anyone who wants to stay in touch to message me with their information. I also privately messaged several folks I hope to stay in touch with and shared my contact info. My intimate circle is growing as I receive contact info, but the emotional clutter of feeling responsible to FB will be gone.