Video Games

My 14 year old son loves to play video games with violence. My husband and I have been managing the level of that violence at each age. I noticed I am fearful of the impact that may happen as a result of playing them. I guess I have a story that it may lead to actual violence since he likes the feeling of “powerful ” (I asked him what the feeling was) while playing the game?

I am trying to let him play his games (in spite of my fear) and then manage my own emotions around it. I am fearful when he talks about how much he likes it. I would like to show up in a way that enjoys when he finds a game he likes and not make it mean that if he plays violent games he would actually be violent.

I am sure there is lots of evidence of people playing games doing things in virtual reality and not actually doing it in real life. I tell myself, we watch movies that have violence in them and I don’t want to hurt anyone because of it so how is the game any different? Then, I answer that question with a game is longer amounts of time and more often than a movie or show. So then I make it mean, if he spends a lot of time playing them he would possibly act on it in future? I am in between brain wanting to protect child and brain just letting him play without attaching any meaning to it other than, it’s entertainment.