VIP Call Advise

I watched the last VIP call where Brooke advised the memoir writer to drop the weight loss goal for now and only focus on completing the first draft.
I am in a similar situation, where I have until March 30th to complete and submit a play for a contest.

Since my brain sees that as a very stressful take-on, I found myself struggling to maintain my food protocol the past two weeks, as I come closer and closer to the deadline.
I have thoughts like: I want to win, I want it to be really good, This is hard.

So even though I have stress-inducing thoughts, I still manage to get the writing done, BUT only if I have the ‘cushioning’ of some flour and sugar foods around me, while I type my play away.

When I tried on the suggestion that Brooke gave that writer and was considering dropping protocol or trying to lose weight till after I submit the play, I felt an enormous sense of relief. My brain literally thanked me and said, ‘okay, now I can finally focus on just getting this play done.’
Also, thinking of resuming the protocol after I submitted my work as a reward really felt good.

But since I know our brains are designed to seek relief I wonder if I do myself a disservice here.
You always say that watching someone else gets coached can be helpful to our situation so does it make sense for me to follow the same suggestion?