Vip call – coached by brooke #7 "my next challenge"

Hiii dear coaches

It’s been amazing! My wow moment!
With this explanation/sentence i can manage my doubtful thoughts/feelings:
Just because you have doubtful thoughts&you have a feeling agreeing with it doesn’t make it true.
The moment you notice a doubtful thought coming up tell yourself the above mentioned sentence &enjoy your beautiful boyfriend.

I always do that! And it has been amazing! I love him so much!! Its like all the feelings i have for him, all the good things i think of him were blocked by these negative/doubtful thoughts. Who ruled my life, my relationship and me!
And for the first time i feel in control. Soo soo good! I could literally cry because i’m so happy!! So thank you. Thank you for staying with me!

My next challenge is:
I seem to have a new error default thought running.
“I’m scared that someday or anytime i could start believing these doubtful thoughts again”
This thought makes me so scared and anxious that i’m resisting it and thinking about it.
It also leads to these actions:
Thinking about the thought itself(being absent) and thinking about when its going to happen, and slowly getting in the role of thinking/believing the old negative)doubtful stories and thoughts freak out, fail ahead of time.

The good thing is i’m not yet in a rush to change it. It hasnt gotten full control of me and the relationship yet.

I tried these thoughts:
I can handle any emotion
Worst thing that can happen is me failing.
They don’t work for me at the moment.
The latter one even freaks me out.

So i was wondering if you guys have like a thought or an explenation which can help me to switch my mind?
I want to feel in control. The same exact way i feel it now! Not be scared of the thoughts itself. Not letting it rule my world.

Seriously, i feel like i have discovered the secret of life!! Haha.

Lots of love and thank you from the bottom of my heart. I’ve got this!