Vip call – coached by brooke #8

Thanks so much! I really love the thought “you can be in this happy state as long as you decide to be”

Looove it!

I think i’m not scared of them coming up but rather that i might not be able to turn them around meaning not believing them.

Scared that i will believe them and that’s putting me under pressure when they come and I want to decide they are just thoughts. It’s like a thought circling in my head: anytime now, you could fall back again. It is touch and go.

Also I sometimes have flashbacks on how situations were in the past and how I felt and acted upon them because of me believing them.

And this leads to me slipping back in that role.

How can I prevent that from happening?

It was so awful when I had no control thats why I’m so scared of it. And being scared of something is never the solution. It gives the thought power. That I know.

Thanks for sticking with me coaches!!