VIP Gratitude

The challenging self-work and meaningful results I’ve generated with guidance from you, your coaching team and the variety of excellent Scholars materials has made the last 6 months more impactful (across so many areas of my life) than I could have ever expected. For that I am grateful . . . to you, for creating a substantive program through which real transformation is unavoidable (unless we’re buffering!) and to myself, for releasing judgment and simply being open to thinking and feeling my way through all. Really, that was more than enough.

But then . . . you send a fabulous VIP bonus box, an invite to the Modelthon, give us access to tons of additional assets and learning opportunities. And now today you tell us you’re adding more to Scholars in the coming weeks — come on! Your generosity is greatly appreciated as well as the spirit in which you live it out. Love that you don’t just talk about abundance but actually put it in practice in your business and that we get to be the beneficiaries of all that outpouring.

Cheers to the next 6 months of blowing our own minds,
Kelly C