Vision, Goals, Processes?

Hey Brooke! Quick question (ha!) on something that I’m hoping you can help with. Goals. In the past, my goals were “Get rich, get big house, get nice car, travel”. When I achieved those, I (a) was the most miserable I’ve been in my life (making me realize “outside in” was not the way to solve my feeling issues and (b) made a series of choices over the years that zapped the money, home, car, travel. So I’m starting over in a much better mental state – now looking BACK at setting goals. My thinking is that I should have an overall “Big Vision” for what I want to create in my life (maybe 5 to 10 years out) and then maybe 1 year goals (even though I just read a training that said 90-days is the best humans can hope for) and then break that down into daily process goals. However, I’m having an issue with a “vision” – because it feels like I’m back on the “money, house, car, travel” road again. I’d take it – but it now feels a bit empty. Like – I can do so much MORE than that. So that’s made closer (1-year/90-day) goals and process goals a challenge – without a BIG VISION. Curious what your thoughts are. Do you go for BHAG’s (Big Hairy Audacious Goals) like “Having a NYT Best-Selling Self-Help Book” and “Speaking All Over the World to Audiences of 20,000+” (my biz is life coaching – so these work) … or money, home, car, travel goals… or both… or neither… or… ??? Working The Model, I’m in a crazy much better mental state all the time and have so much more energy – but now I just need to figure out WHERE to focus that energy so that in 5 or 10 years, I’m fulfilled and living an amazing life – that includes money, house, car, trips – but is MORE than JUST money, house, car, trips. Hope that makes sense. Thanks, Brooke!