Viva México: fear and making my dreams come true

My partner and I want to move. We have decided on moving to Mexico. I had wanted to live in Colombia or Chile but Mexico makes more sense for a lot of reasons. And I like these reasons. However as soon as we set a date, I’ve been experiencing a lot of fear and anxiety. I know that there must be a thought causing this. I’m not sure what it is. But I can tell that I’m making it mean that because I’m feeling fear that were making the wrong choice. Even though I know from Brooks teachings that I’m feeling fear because of thought.

How can I not make fear mean my choices are wrong? I keep telling myself that everything I’ve ever dreamed of is just on the other side of fear. I guess I’m expecting the fear to go away. And when it’s not I get sucked back into this Loop.

Perhaps it’s because I’m not buffering as much or really at all. Which is having me perceive my feelings as more negative