I have recently started ‘vlogging’ for my YouTube channel (I haven’t uploaded anything yet). It is completely new to me but I am enjoying it so far. This weekend I am flying to Melbourne and I really want to vlog the trip. I would like to film and talk whilst I am in the airport but this thought scares the crap out of me due to fear of being judged, feeling uncomfortable, making others uncomfortable etc. I did a model on this situation and would love your feedback!

C: Vlogging in public
T: Everyone will judge me/what I am saying, it will be embarrassing and people will feel uncomfortable with a camera around
F: Anxious and self-conscious
A: Don’t do it
R: Miss the opportunity for my first travel vlog

C: Vlogging in public
T: The only thing that matter is my mission, the thoughts that others have have nothing to do with me. I create speed for myself by not caring what other people think of me.
F: Confident and capable
A: Vlog in public/airport and get all the shots that I want
R: Create my first amazing travel vlog and prove to myself what is possible!

Thank you!