Vulnerability at Work

I took an offer up from a colleague to be coached. I ended up talking about personal and work-related items and now I am embarrassed about even talking to her about it. It was before I discovered SCS, and now feel like she will expose what I have said to her in confidence, about things I have been dealing with my manager (a lot of tension there with us). COVID happens and I’ve been dreading going back to work because I don’t want to have to confront her or my manager. She said that our conversation was going to remain as friends just having a conversation. But I don’t know how confident I am now that she will actually be discreet and keep our conversation confidential. Now I am avoiding her and feel a wave of embarrassment to even talk to her and even a bit of panic when I see her on calls for work-related video calls. I feel like I placed myself in a very vulnerable position and that I would be “exposed” for being vulnerable and maybe lose my job for talking negatively about my manager. How can I work through this with the model?