Wahls Protocol – Autoimmune Diet

I’m fortunate in that I really don’t have a problem with emotional eating or weight and prefer fresh fruits and veggies over processed sugary foods. After I kicked a soda habit 10 years ago, my weight has been healthy and constant. So for most of my adult life, I’ve never thought much about food.

I’ve recently gone on a diet (Wahls Protocol) in an effort to manage an auto-immune disease. The Wahls Protocol has some very specific requirements–9 cups of produce daily (3 cups leafy greens, 3 cups sulfur-rich veggies, 3 cups other colorful produce), eating seaweed regularly, etc. The diet encourages including the widest possible variety of foods every week to ensure that the nutrient mix is optimal for all of the body’s processes.

I began seeing some symptom reduction after just a couple weeks on the diet, so staying motivated and compliant isn’t an issue at all. But I’d rather not spend this much time and mental energy (meal planning, measuring & prepping meals, researching restaurant menus, etc.) on food. It’s taking hours each week. I’ve looked at the over-eating materials, but it feels like the Wahls Protocol is the direct opposite of the “keep your food boring and make your life interesting” approach you suggest.

Do you have any practical tactical tips to make this type of protocol less time consuming?