Wait and create for my own security before looking for a partner or simultaneously?

So this is a question for Brooke as a follow up to her coaching me live on a relationship question in January. (I’m the one who presented that I’m not sure I should stay with this guy, I talked about chemistry which isn’t quite the driving force behind my question)

After watching her coach on another call this month. I’m left wondering if she would tell me to not look for my husband until I am more secure financially.

From shame I didn’t really present that my money situation has a lot to do with me looking for a partner. As well as being afraid to let go of the man I’m seeing now whom I love but don’t really want for the long haul. I have shame about both of these scenarios.

I saw her coach the doctor to go make your goal find your husband.

I would like to do that too.
She said when she coached me “don’t look for an emotion you want to feel from something outside…and said that will take me longer then 2 months” which was my possible time I was going to give the current relationship before going to start dating again.

I see that I am looking for love as well as financial stability in a partner.

I am fearful for waiting too long to find a partner I will get older… less attractive blah blah all that stuff… I have already stayed with the current man for a bit over 2 years… even though I know he’s not what I want long term.

My impossible goal for this year was to get rid of my biz and figure out how to meet my and my sons financial needs. I am restarting my career, Which leaves me at the moment without much of an income. YET and I start coach training in April.

I have been smart in my past and have savings but don’t yet see how I will support myself and my son.

Should I stay with the guy I’m with now cause its easy and he does make life nicer for me and my son. (He also pays for scholars as well as many other luxuries) Stay with him and just focus on my biz OR
or should I release him and get on my own 2 feet financially, while also looking for my long haul partner or husband…

Or Release him and focus on work and not finding a partner….

Is it better if I get financially good before looking for a new partner?

I loved when she said to the doctor your husband is out there And he’s great, go find him! That made me feel good and excited…. But I wondered if like she told the lady focus on finding her husband not doing more in your biz…. Because she’s already a doctor… her career is set. Maybe she would tell me handle providing for your own needs first, then look for a partner.

I love money and opulence and living well and I have always had that in life now I’m nervous and financially uncertain.

Not the best background for finding a mate, but don’t want to wait to be perfect before looking either.

So I realize I am looking for security as well as love from a partner. I also have a lot to offer in those areas…

I have a beautiful home , wonderful family and I’m committed to a great life mindset. I also live an expensive lifestyle and I am not longer generating the income to maintain it all myself.

Brooke can you guide me on my thinking and possible focus for the proper next step?

There…. there’s no shame in the light……..

Thanks so much for all you do.. 🙏❤️