Waiting for a result

Hi Brooke, Earlier this month I posted my goal for accountability (By Sept 30th at 6pm I will have both my kids enrolled in school with all paperwork completed and supplies purchased). This is a big and meaningful goal for me because I love them so much and once they are in school I will have time to create and contribute.

I’ve made a great deal of progress by honoring my schedule 100%. After many calls and visits I found an amazing school that unexpectedly had a vacancy!

There is 1 child ahead of mine on the waiting list. The other child has already been offered the place first and has 10 days to decide. I want this place SO much, but I think I’ve taken all the actions I can towards that goal – now I’m just waiting and working on a plan b if the amazing school falls through.

I feel a lot of anxiety waiting for the call from the school and catch my brain trying to fail ahead of time so I don’t get disappointed (“of course the other family will take the place” “we’ll never get that lucky” “I want this too much” etc.) I’ve done models on these thoughts and my intentional thought is “everything will work out perfectly”.

I have been thinking about energy and attraction and being in the right mindset to “attract” the result I want. I’m very curious whether you have any advice on what to do when you’re simply waiting on an outcome – e.g. is it helpful to work on being very optimistic about the outcome and visualizing success – or more useful to just acknowledge it’s out of my control and move on until I get the call.

Thank you and I can’t wait to tell you the outcome! Eve